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Directions to my Studio

My studio is in the basement of our house. There is an entrance at the back of the house between the house and the garage. We are on the northwest corner of 28th St. and Van Buren Av.

From Downtown Corvallis:
Go north on 3rd St. to Harrison.
Turn left onto Harrison and go about 1 1/4 miles to 30th St.
You will pass 6 traffic lights (at 4th, 5th, and 9th Streets, Kings Blvd., 25th, and 29th St.)   Left turn is not allowed at 29th St. so you must continue on to 30th.
Turn left onto 30th and go only one block to Van Buren.
Turn left onto Van Buren and go 2 blocks to 28th St.
If you continue another 30 feet to the angled street Arnold Way and then circle left around the small triangle it forms with 28th and Van Buren, you will be going south on 28th St. in the right direction to find parking.

From I-5:
Take exit 228 and go West on highway 34.
After about 10 miles you cross the Willamette river, and enter Corvallis. At that point you will be traveling west on Harrison Av. and you can follow the directions from downtown after the first line.

Parking is available southbound on 28th St., westbound on Van Buren Av., and northbound on 29th St.  Parking is limited to 2 hours on weekdays, but is unlimited on weekends. For anyone needing to stay longer during the week, I can provide a permit.