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About Noren and Nobori

Noren are split door curtains of two or more panels used by Japanese businesses and in traditional homes. They make a "barrier" from the noise and dirt of the street and in the home a visual screen that allows air circulation in crowded living spaces. They can be indigo dyed cotton or painted and dyed linen often using katazome techniques. They are often changed seasonally.

My noren have become more and more art pieces in their own right. Not limited to doorways, they can be hung on the wall, or free like a room divider or in spaces with high ceilings.

Typical noren are made with Japanese narrow-width fabric, about 14” wide. So a two-panel noren is about 28” wide by 40” tall. I also can use fabrics that are 18”, 24” and even 45” wide. For noren that are not standard sizes I give the dimensions.

Prices for single panel pieces range from $125 to $175, and for double panel pieces from $250 to $375, depending on size and complexity of image. If the piece you like is not in stock, it can be made to order.

Nobori are vertical flags or banners. I use the term loosely for single panel indigo pieces. My indigo noren and nobori usually use family crests or ranma, traditional wooden transoms, as their inspiration.

Custom installation pieces are easy to make with linen of different widths, and by varying the number of panels. You can also choose images that you like. Contact me to discuss your needs and the possibilities.