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About Pillows and Runners

Pillows and Runners are typically made from repeat pattern and larger format stencils. Some are quite elaborately painted. I often use linen-cotton blend fabric; some are done on noren linen or silk. They may have hand embroidered or silk screened details. The Shiroko, Lines and Spaces, and Reflections series are over-dyed on colored silk and quilted.

Pillows and Runners go out on consignment too fast to include specific items for sale. If you find a particular item you like, identify it by number or name and I can discuss price and make you one like it. Or pick a pattern from among the indigo designs (large format or repeat patterns) and have a pillow or runner dyed to order.

Generally linen runners sell for $65 to $150, pieced silk runners for $150. Pillow prices vary from $75 to $175 depending on size, materials, and complexity.