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Sen to Kankaku
40" x 54"
Sen to Kankaku.jpg
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I am a former biologist and much of my work is based on my love of natural history. I had the pleasure of taking my quilts to Japan for an exhibit. The Japanese were fascinated by the realistic but non-Japanese imagery of my original stencils. While there I saw a piece of fabric at an exhibit in Tokyo that completely transformed how I look at nature and the types of stencils I now cut for my original work. This quilt is the first using a growing series of small stencils to make fabric in which the realistic natural forms are reduced to pure pattern. These days I find myself constantly on the lookout for suitable patterns in aerial photographs, photomicrographs and other scientific imagery, whatever catches my fancy and lends itself to the cut stencil. The title "Sen to Kankaku" is translated "lines and spaces", the elements of abstract pattern.
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