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'Shibori' Scroll-Runner (antique stencil).jpg
'Shibori' Scroll-Runner
(antique stencil)
Autumn Leaves 2 Runner.jpg
Autumn Leaves 2 Runner
Autumn Leaves 3 Runner (gold overprint}.jpg
Autumn Leaves 3 Runner (gold
Autumn Leaves Runners.jpg
Autumn Leaves Runners
Bamboo Runner.jpg
Bamboo Runner
Cranes Runner.jpg
Cranes Runner
Forest Runner.jpg
Forest Runner
Ginkgo Runner on Hemp.jpg
Ginkgo Runner on Hemp
Gourds Runner.jpg
Gourds Runner
Grape Runner.jpg
Grape Runner
Green Thicket Runner.jpg
Green Thicket Runner
Hibiscus Runner.jpg
Hibiscus Runner
Iris Stripe Runner.jpg
Iris Stripe Runner
Kakishibu Conifer Runner.jpg
Kakishibu Conifer Runner
Kakishibu Pine Runner.jpg
Kakishibu Pine Runner
Kakishibu Urchin Runner.jpg
Kakishibu Urchin Runner
Lines and Spaces Runners.jpg
Lines and Spaces Runners
Melons Runner.jpg
Melons Runner
Paulownia Runner.jpg
Paulownia Runner
Pine Runner.jpg
Pine Runner
Pink Chrysanthemum Runner.jpg
Pink Chrysanthemum Runner
Red Pine Runner.jpg
Red Pine Runner
Reeds Runner.jpg
Reeds Runner
Silk Pussy Willow Runner.jpg
Silk Pussy Willow Runner
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